Zoids HMM Series - EZ-16 Saber Tiger Marking Plus Version Plastic Kit


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Behold the crimson storm!

Kotobukiya adds the "Saber Tiger" (a.k.a. "Zaber Fang") with new decals to their HMM ZOIDS series lineup!
The characteristic curved-surface designed body has numerous joints with wide range of articulation. You can display the Saber Tiger in various dynamic action poses.
Besides, a non-colored cockpit clear part is included, which can be painted with your favorite clear color.
A ZOIDS lover like you will not want to miss this chance to add this famous large scale high speed battle ZOID to your collection!

-There is a regular pilot figure included which can ride the ZOID in its head cockpit hatch with open/close gimmick.
-The ZOID core inside its body part can be detached.
-The model is compatible with various common weapons parts of the Empire.
-This kit includes an additional non-colored head cockpit clear part which you can use to paint and customize the cockpit visor with your favorite color.
-Featuring many new emblem and caution mark decals. You can further enhance its sense of realistic.