Shipping Policy

Mixed orders with Pre-ordered (Full Price Payment) and in stock items that exceed over a week waiting period for the pre-order item  to arrived; the In stock item(s) will be shipped out. Pre-ordered (Full Price Payment)  a new shipping invoice will be send out - once the item come in stock. thank you for understanding and any question feel free to reach out.

*August 2020 Update 

With state of the USPS cut backs during this time, orders are expected high change of delays or possibly lost. We Strongly recommend using new rate of FLAT RATE UPS to avoid these issues*

-Effective Immediately Starting January 1st 2020-

- Xavier Cal Customs and Collectibles will no longer offer free shipping on orders under $149.99. New changes due to increase of postal services. We still want to offer our customers free shipping on orders above $150.

- We will have a flat rate of $7.00 shipping as standard on any orders $149.99 or less. Other services provided will include (Priority Mail, Sig Confirmation, Express)

- Prices on all products will reflect new change with lower prices

- Any order #6125 and before will be honored previous free shipping, including pre-orders. Pre-order invoices will not be effected and will still have free shipping

- Any new orders from #6126 and forward will take effect this new policy changes

- Pre-order Deposits are not subjected for shipping charges. Shipping charges will appear on invoice final payment.

Any Questions or concerns please feel free to contact us