Zoids 1/72 HMM Series - Liger Zero Panzer Marking Plus Version Plastic Kit (Reissue)


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Here comes the Liger Zero Panzer unleashing overwhelming firepower!

It is one of the CAS (Changing Amror System) variations for the Liger Zero and is specifically designed to be a heavy-artillery Zoid.

The Liger Zero Panzer's two-tone green colored armors are already arranged by color separating runners. Its appearance will be very close to the original setting after being assembled.
All 22 missile hatches which cover the Liger Zero Panzer's legs and body parts feature open/close gimmick.
The two powerful "Hybrid Cannons" also feature extension structure for recreating firing position.
There is a foldable part which is an originally setting of HMM Zoids, for preventing interference to the head sensor part when the "Hybrid Cannons" are extended. The rear heels have anchor structure for when performing heavy firing.
A regular pilot figure which can be placed in the cockpit is included.
Furthermore, the set includes various new decals such as emblems and caution marks. You can decorate the Liger Zero Panzer in your own style.

*This is set product of "Liger Zero (main body) and Panzer unit".