Transformers Masterpiece MP-34 Cheetor (Reissue)

Tomy Takara

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The 2nd volume of the Transformes Masterpiece series is Cybertron's jungle patrol Cheetor from Beast Wars!!

Belonging to the Autobot corps in the CG animation "Beast Wars", the troublemaker Cheetor with his teenager-like personality has always been very popular among fans. Now he is back with the newest technology.
The beast mode recreates Cheetor's slender form and thanks to the joints in many parts you can enjoy varied posability. The speckled pattern on his body has been faithfully reproduced with the hydraulic transfer technology adopted from MP-32 Convoy. The whiskers are realistically made with nylon strings. Two different heads (angry, surprised) are included, and by exchanging the eye parts to different directions it's possible to obtain a total of 9 different expression patterns. The jaw can be opened and closed. The 2 types of weapon appeared in the series can be equipped onto the beast mode body: laser shot A on the abdomen and laser shot B on the waist and tail.
In robot mode he transforms into Cheetor's familiar metallic blue and gold appearance from the series! The face part can be exchanged with the included face parts (smiling, surprised) and thanks to the joints all over the body you can recreate action poses from the series.
He can hold the 2 included weapons, and when not used they can be attached to his back. The eyes are transparent and light passes through them.
His height in robot mode is adjusted to match the height difference with MP-32 Convoy.
It's compatible with the separately sold Transformers stand, with which you can display him in mid-air in both beast and robot modes.

Box has some wear