SDCC Exclusive DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman & Cheetah Dolls

SDCC Exclusive DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman & Cheetah Dolls


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Wonder Woman™ and Cheetah™ are faced with their biggest challenge yet—working together to take down Metropolis’ biggest villain and save the day! By combining their powers, they learn there’s nothing wrong with a little teamwork and are awarded Certificates of Achievement from Coach Wildcat for capturing super-villain GIganta. Their teamwork is on full display in this deluxe two pack that features both 12-inch dolls in unique outfits with signature style—perfect for collectability. Multiple points of flexibility allow Super Hero moves and heroic poses for storytelling action and dynamic display—these dolls can even stand on their own! Wonder Woman™ doll is bold and beautiful in a look inspired by her home, Themyscira Island. Her red bodice has a shimmery texture, and her blue skirt has tapered and pleated finishes. Accessories are inspired by iconic elements: she has her golden tiara with a red star, golden shoulder armor with inspired design, a matching belt and golden gladiator sandals. Silvery gauntlets and a golden shield with the Wonder Woman™ logo add to her power. Cheetah™ doll makes her first appearance as a DC Super Hero Girl in a Super Hero jumpsuit with orange and pink striping on a shimmery black cheetah print and with her cheetah logo; a shimmery pink jacket with orange accents completes the look. Cool accessories include orange kicks, golden bangles and a cell phone. Cheetah markings and tail give this cheet’ah her style! Play out action stories or create cool displays. Kids will love finding their own unique abilities along with these Super Hero students in ways both big and small. From a routine school day to a Super Hero adventure, the galaxy is the limit! Includes Wonder Woman™ doll and Cheetah™ doll wearing fashions and accessories. Colors and decorations may vary.

Unleash your inner hero with this awesome two-pack that features Wonder Woman™ doll and Cheetah™ doll teamed up in exclusive outfits!
Both 12-inch dolls can stand on their own and have multiple points of articulation for increased flexibility in action storytelling and powerful posing!
Wonder Woman™ doll wears a red shimmery bodice and blue pleated skirt inspired by her home island, Themyscira.
Accessories are iconic: her golden tiara with red star, golden shoulder armor, a golden belt to hold her Lasso of Truth, silvery gauntlets, golden gladiator sandals and a golden shield with Wonder Woman™ logo!
Cheetah™ doll is dressed in a Super Hero suit designed in shimmery black with pink and orange stripes and a cheetah logo.
She completes the look with two golden bangles, orange kicks with white laces and a cell phone; her cheetah markings and tail add to her charisma.
Play out action stories, create cool displays and find your inner hero with these two DC Super Hero Girls™ together in one cool collectible set.

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