Robot Spirits -SIDE MS- Unicorn Gundam (Awakened Mode) [Real Marking Ver.] Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Bandai Tamashii Nations

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The Robot Spirits SIDE MS Unicorn Gundam (with Shield Funnel) reappears with new colors and markings! Multicolors used in the armor parts give the figure true elegance and a distinctive new appearance compared to the previous edition. The addition of new markings enhances the feeling of realism even more! New "chop" hand parts are included to let you replicate the thrilling encounter with the Neo Zeong! The set includes 3 shields, a Tamashii Stage connector joint, a joint angle, a joint for the shield funnels, A Tamashii Stage, backpack, 3 Gatling support joints, beam saber pommels for the arms (x2), beam magnum, beam saber hilts for the back (x2), beam saber blades (x2), and a shield joint.

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Missing Spare V-fin and One Beam Saber Hilt