Revoltech Disney Toy Story: Woody Renewal Package Reissue


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The CG toy from PIXAR's cartoon is now a real toy!
With varied expressions, movable eyes and plenty of accessories, you can freely recreate poses from the movie.

-Protagonist Woody from the pioneer of full CG animation movies "Toy Story" is turned into a real posable toy that you can touch and play with!
-His bright large eyes have a mechanism that allows them to be moved from the back side, making it possible to change the eye direction and create different expressions.
-15 revolver joints allow wide posability of the arms and legs while maintaining a thin and smart silhouette. You can recreate various poses as in the movie.
-The front part of the face can be removed and replaced with an alternative faces. Both the standard face and the alternative face have posable eyes.
-The toy binocular Lenny is included. Woody can hold it in his hands.
-The sheriff badge on his chest, the gun belt, the strap on his back and other details are faithfully reproduced.
-Plenty of alternative hands are also included: a hand to hold the microphone and Lenny, a finger pointing hand to recreate scenes from the movie and more.
-In addition, a hand for Buzz to hold the binocular Lenny is also included. If you use it with separately sold Buzz he will be able to hold Lenny too.