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\Pulled back from the brink of death by the moon god Khonsu, mercenary Marc Spector begins his fight against evil as the incarnation of life and vengeance!
"Moon Knight" of MARVEL's popular "Disney+" streaming series of the same name, joins the Amazing Yamaguchi series!
With mystical powers bestowed by the ancient Egyptian god of the moon and an unstable mind fractured into multiple personalities, he's quite abnormal as far as crime fighters go.
The design of his fully white costume has been re-imagined as modern and densely detailed tactical armor, in line with his back story as a skilled ex-mercenary, by Amazing Yamaguchi. In addition, his cape, emblematic of his supernatural origin, is made of wired cloth, allowing the generously sized folds to be formed into a crescent moon shape.
Of course, the body itself implements posability functions studied and developed by Katsuhisa Yamaguchi. A wide range of motion and expressiveness is achieved by splitting the torso on both sides to allow for front-to-back shoulder movement, with hip joints using a combination of ball joints and mono shafts, plus lower leg movement to express the flexing of the human body one might see in a comic.

*His armaments include his batons and moon-shaped "Crescent Blades". He comes with two large Crescent Blades and hands clenching smaller versions.
The batons come in both long and short, with the two short ones able to be stored in the holder on the waist.

*The white of the suit uses pearlescent paint to give it a more unearthly sheen. His hooded face comes with three alternative expressions- normal, angry, and wide-eyed- with all three having fluorescent eyes that glow under a black light.


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chris c.

Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Moon Knight


Awesome figure with great articulation. The cape seals the deal and the joints are easily able to hold any pose. The shoulders are a bit tight on mine but the rest of the figure more than makes up for it!


Thank you so much for the MOONKNIGHT FIGURE!!! Looks awesome and I’m glad it’s in my hands! I will find nice spot for moonknight