Play Imaginative Iron Man 3 Super Alloy Iron Patriot 1/12 Scale Figure

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In response to a series of bombings for which the Mandarin takes credit, the War Machine is repainted in red, white and blue and renamed Iron Patriot, much to the chagrin of a disgusted Tony Stark. The Mandarin’s television-aired pontifications are used as a means of luring the Iron Patriot into a trap.

Rhodes is removed from the armor and the armor is instead donned by Eric Savin, chief subordinate of Aldrich Killian, the creator of the Mandarin and the Extremis virus. Savin uses the Iron Patriot armor to gain access to Air Force One, capturing the president and sabotaging the plane. Via remote-control the Iron Patriot armor delivers the president to Killian. Rhodes coordinates with Stark in a mission to rescue the president, now trapped within the non-responsive Iron Patriot armor, aboard an abandoned oil platform where Killian intends to televise the president’s murder.

The Super Alloy 1/12 scale Iron Patriot is a 75% metal alloy figurine in the signature stars and stripes color scheme as shown in Marvel's Iron Man 3 movie. This fully articulated model features interchangeable parts and accessories including an articulated cannon that swivels and rotates in different directions, as well as LED light features in the eyes and chest. 

This figure was developed based on computer 3D model from Iron Man 3 movie, ensuring accuracy of proportions. The figure's exterior is about 75% die-cast material and features showroom glossy metallic paints, matte metallic paints, and polished metal with protective coating.

This figure also features a die-cast metal torso, legs, and arms, and more than 20 points of articulation: articulated cannon swivels and rotates in different directions, ball-jointed neck, shoulders for full range of arm movements, jointed shoulder pads, elbows and knees, wrist and groin, double-jointed body, bendable at upper torso, and ball-jointed ankles with bendable boot front.

Iron Patriot includes 5 pairs of hands, interchangeable battle damaged parts (mask, chest, left shoulder pad, biceps, and thighs) and even a microfibre cleaning cloth for cleaning off fingerprint marks on alloy parts.

The semi-die-cast base stand features a spring-loaded claw and adjustable height, with lights and a nametag. Foldable backdrop. Tests were performed by Play Imaginative to ensure quality, including oxidation, paint chipping, paint fading, electronic, and battery tests.