HMM ZOIDS 1/72 EZ-036 Death Stinger Plastic Model


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The evil fighter Death Stinger finally joins the HMM series.
The gigantic sea scorpion-shaped amphibious Zoid developed by the Empire was ranked in the top positions of the user surveys regarding future HMM products for many years.
Equipped with a high power charged particle gun and a super heavy armor comparable to the Death Saurer, it is so powerful that it was able to overwhelm even the 2 great Organoid units Blade Liger and Geno Breaker at the same time.
Enjoy the volume and gimmicks of this product!

-It is equipped with a high power charged particle gun at the tip of its long tail.
The "AZ 120mm hyper laser gun" and "AZ 120mm hyper beam gun" can be deployed, and the central barrel can be extended to recreate the firing form.
-The cover on the tail side can open to transform into sea scorpion mode.
-The "strike laser bite scissors" and "laser cutter" on the front legs work like in the setting.
-The strike laser bite scissors can open to reveal the "storable AZ 105mm linear cannon".
-The head armor can open and the evil compound eyes hidden below it are recreated with clear parts.
The cockpit can be opened and a pilot figure can be seated inside,
-The "E-shield generator" of the head armor can be deployed.
-The "laser fangs" equipped on the inside and outside of the mouth are independently articulated.
-A "Zoid Core" can be found inside its chest if you remove the strong chest armor.
-The base of the AZ 930mm double-barreled shock gun is articulated and its angle can be adjusted.
-The "rocket booster" on the back is flexibly articulated.
-The four pairs of walking legs are flexibly articulated. The claws at the tips can be deployed to place it in a more stable position.
-The thruster hatch at the bottom of the chest can be deployed and the nozzles are compatible with the Flying Base Neo, allowing for various display possibilities.