Gundam RG 1/144 Premium Bandai Exclusive- MS-06R-1A Shin Matsunaga's Zaku II


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From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM MSV], MS-06R-1A Shin Matsunaga's Zaku II is released in the RG series, which pursues realism and precise expression not seen in other 1/144 varieties.
● The body of MS-06R-1A Shin Matsunaga's suit is thoroughly reproduced with new molding !
 ・ Right Shoulder
   The right shoulder is equipped with a duct and reproduced with new molding. The realistic finish is
created with molding and realistic decals.
 ・ Shield
   The shield is thoroughly reproduced with ribbing along both sides.
 ・ Front armor
   New details are added to the front armor.
 ・ Backpack
   The form of the 06R-1A backpack is faithfully reproduced, with a slightly downsized tank and an
added fook in the center.
 ・ Legs
   The exterior shape of the legs differ from 06R-2, and are reproduced with almost entirely new parts.
   A different vernier shape is also reproduced.
● Prototype Zaku Bazooka is newly included !
   Each weapon is reproduced to the RG standard.
   Shin Matsunaga's characteristic Prototype Zaku Bazooka weapon is reproduced with new molding.
   In addition, Zaku Bazooka, Zaku Machine Gun, and Heat Hawk are included.
● Includes Realistic Decals with "The White Wolf" Lieutenant Shin Matsunaga's markings.
  Includes newly designed Realistic Descals reproduced the personal marks, etc.

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