Revoltech Figure Complex Movie No 010 - Zootopia - Nick Wilde


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Just like Nick in the movie!
-His proportions, arranged like a deformed human while keeping the slender appearance of a fox, have been faithfully recreated. The fuzzy fur of the tail and other parts of the body is reproduced with plenty of volume and precise details. Beside the fur, the pads are also sculpted on the hands and feet.
-By using the 4 face parts and their wide articulation gimmick you can enjoy his cool appearance, his kindness when he cares for his buddy and the comical movements that he shows sometimes.
-You can recreate all kinds of expressions and gestures of Nick, the cunning nihilistic swindler with a kind heart!

Plenty of parts to obtain more expressions!
-Beside the normal face with a cunning smile, a smiling face, a surprised face and a sad face are also included. By changing the angle of the ears and neck you can act out all of Nick's expressions and feelings.
-The sunglasses used by Nick in the movie, alternative hands and a stand with an arm are included. There are 2 types of hands (both left & right) and a hand that can hold Judy's carrot pen.
-By using the stand with an arm you can display him in dynamic poses.

Display them together.
You can pose him back-to-back with the separately sold Judy, move their eyes so that they look at each other and act out all kinds of poses that show what a perfect pair they are!
Be sure to get both of them to recreate the famous duo!