DH-E001A Assault 1/12 Scale Action Figure Equipment Set

Dragon Horse

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We are pleased to announce the launching of our new military equipment set products for 1/12 scale action figurines!These are military style equipment sets containing weapons such as assault rifles and handguns, as well as normal gears such as tactical vest and leg pouches. There are two different sets, Set-A "Assault" has more firepower while Set-B "Ghost" is more suitable for infiltrate operations. We've also prepared abundant accessories for the main weapon, HK416 assault rifle, to offer enough room for your customizations. Last but not least, elastic cords are used on the leg pouches and knee pads so that they can be used on all kinds of 1/12 scaled figurines.

It goes with our saying that with these equipment sets, your figures can go to battlefields at any time! Make sure not to miss them! Set Contents: Shotgun, MP5SD5 submachine gun, HK416 assault rifle, X4 rifle scope, X2 rifle scope, Holographic sight, Desert Eagle handgun, P226 handgun, Vertical foregrip with light, Night vision laser sight, Iron sight, Knife sheath, Knife, Connection parts, Fore grip, Transceiver, Tactical vest, Leg holster, Leg pouch, Waist pouch, Knee pad (2)

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Please note that action figurines are not included in this product.