Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi No 011 DC Comics - Batman - Deathstroke


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The strongest mercenary, Deathstroke joins the Amazing Yamaguchi figure line!
At the hands of sculptor Katsuhisa Yamaguchi the characteristic mask and equipment are expressed in detail and the muscle seen in between is just like in the comics!

The shoulder joint is articulated with a ball joint.
Thanks to this the arm seems to move from the shoulder, and even when holding weapons the poses can be recreated looking natural. As well the hip joint's ball joint, the knee's revolver joint added to the mono shaft for articulation in the thigh and the joint in the shin mean Deathstroke's masterful movements are created with Yamaguchi's unique articulation sense.

His characteristic coloring is expressed with a delicate balance, and the metallic paint on the suit help further emphasizes the bulging muscles.

It has his main weapon the club, and to fit being a weapon expert there are many others included like the pistol, katana, rifle,
An alternate head part without the mask is included and complete with the scars showing his past fighting history.
Being capable of various situations gives it lots of play value.


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