Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi No.001EX Deadpool X-FORCE. ver


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"X-FORCE. ver" of the Amazing Yamaguchi No.001 "Deadpool"!

-The 17 joints in his body allow a wide range of posability. You can recreate Deadpool's distinctive poses, like humorous poses and unconventional sword & gun action.
-The accordion structure of his stomach and the ball joints in his thigh allow for a wide movement range without compromising the proportions. In addition, the joints are not visible when you pose him, thus maintaining a beautiful body line.
-The sharp representation of muscles typical of American comics is incorporated in the figure, thoroughly reproducing the trained body of the "talkative mercenary". Enjoy the shape of the muscles visible under his suit. His equipment, boots, leg pads and other details all over his body are carefully sculpted.
-His favorite Japanese katana and handgun are included as optional weapons. Even in front of a strong enemy he pulls a joke and slashes him! You can act out Deadpool's serious and aggressive side too.
-You can recreate many different scenes with the 6 included optional hand parts: weapon holding hands, open hands and Deadpool's trademark thumbs up.
-To better represent Deadpool's rich facial expressions, particular even among American comic characters, an optional head and optional eyes are also included. The optional head is a surprised face where he has his mouth wide open in surprise, so much that even his mask looks deformed. The optional eyes include glaring eyes, surprised eyes, comical line eyes and heart shaped eyes, for plenty of different expressions. You can choose to change one eye at a time.