Transformers Titan Class Generations Metrotitan

Painted from a generations Metroplex;
I completely repaint him in his new awesome color scheme.

This new generation Metrotitan feature so many detail that are hard to see with it plan stock appearance. I have given this custom Generation Metrotitan total repaint from head to toe from it stock normal version was just to plain. This figure had being taken complete apart to give him the best possible paint finished. It has being painted into a true white color and metallic red and blues to go alone with this custom Metrotitan. It also has being given accent colors to make his detail stand out. On this custom I wanted to give a more stock appearance to go alone with other transformers generations



 photo METROTITAN41_zpsce20a423.jpg  photo METROTITAN37_zpsb6ac94d9.jpg  photo METROTITAN35_zps9f07d735.jpg  photo METROTITAN34_zps1549c122.jpg  photo METROTITAN33_zps7124c698.jpg  photo METROTITAN31_zps8892b630.jpg  photo METROTITAN28_zpsaea6e3ec.jpg  photo METROTITAN21_zps4bda269e.jpg  photo METROTITAN14_zps1273d1c0.jpg  photo METROTITAN9_zps3d1eb085.jpg  photo METROTITAN8_zps36f96a00.jpg  photo METROTITAN6_zps1c63a647.jpg  photo METROTITAN4_zpsfe885b01.jpg  photo METROTITAN56_zps11e33ddd.jpg  photo METROTITAN55_zpsb2c863bb.jpg  photo METROTITAN53_zpsa6971bd7.jpg  photo METROTITAN52_zpse36c00cd.jpg  photo METROTITAN49_zps479cef03.jpg  photo METROTITAN47_zps3832da80.jpg  photo METROTITAN46_zps7a1bf8b0.jpg  photo METROTITAN45_zps01b4e86a.jpg  photo METROTITAN44_zpse41f4500.jpg  photo METROTITAN42_zps782dbe50.jpg  photo METROTITAN30_zps97d25ad5.jpg  photo METROTITAN27_zps759879cd.jpg  photo METROTITAN25_zps8414dba3.jpg  photo METROTITAN24_zpsb58819df.jpg  photo METROTITAN22_zps3e38c4b0.jpg  photo METROTITAN20_zps7f2e00a9.jpg  photo METROTITAN17_zps5a8cbb6b.jpg  photo METROTITAN15_zps2d2099db.jpg  photo METROTITAN11_zps4d18b5da.jpg  photo METROTITAN3_zps01fe4f8c.jpg