Started out as a normal Leader Class Brawl, I heavily modified him to look more Movie Accurate, so I redid everything on him to be more armored looking and a lot more bulkier just like his appearance in the movie. I started out by removing any unnecessary kibble and adding new articulation on his ankles and waist. From there I added tank parts to the chest to give him much needed bulk as well as slimming down his legs. New detail pieces such as leg pieces, spikes on feet and thighs and weapons were added to truly showcase his appearance in the movie.
 photo DSC_0008_zpsgs19xdjv.jpg  photo DSC_0010_zpsgiq87hy5.jpg  photo DSC_0012_zpscg3dcdyb.jpg  photo DSC_0013_zpslhjoq0i7.jpg  photo DSC_0016_zpsj5sk5zae.jpg  photo DSC_0030_zpsbhvnmnzy.jpg  photo DSC_0025_zpszvljcxwn.jpg  photo DSC_0022_zps1roqiwbw.jpg  photo DSC_0021_zpsaplnyhts.jpg  photo DSC_0032_zpswy31aubd.jpg  photo DSC_0034_zpsumpriyuc.jpg