Transformers Custom Movie Accurate TF5 The Last Knight Barricade

With the new movie coming up and this Decepticon Cop was in need of a full overhaul from the short version we gotten. I gave him a set of brand new legs made from various pieces of transformers. I cut his chest to be widen and give that angle as well as added a much better chest piece resembling his CGI model. Same treatment was given to his arms to have his wheels above his shoulders. Custom made weapon was created for his right arm. Barricade is non-transforming but was give a much better proportion as well as better range of articulation.

 photo DSC_0109_zpsto4zfuja.jpg  photo DSC_0107_zpsxxfllycb.jpg  photo DSC_0106_zpsrziljchc.jpg  photo DSC_0104_zpswg0s5std.jpg  photo DSC_0097_zps3q0aiiek.jpg  photo DSC_0099_zpsu0bk1o1t.jpg  photo DSC_0101_zpsl5lutsay.jpg  photo DSC_0095_zpsbmhjo7dp.jpg