Speaker Tower Shattered Glass Optimus Prime

Currently the biggest project I have ever done, standing over 3 feet tall. This was made from a rare Hasbro Speaker tower statue Ultra Magnus. I completely repainted this huge piece into his Shattered Glass Colors. Going along with the SG colors, I gave him lots of scratches throughout the statue. This is truly a one of a kind piece I have done, and was very fun to do. Plus works well as a carpool buddy. Poor Leader Class Movie Optimus looks so tiny next to this Prime.
 photo sgprime19_zps8cc1c314.jpg  photo sgprime110_zps20b3199a.jpg  photo SGPRIME38_zpse886c91c.jpg  photo SGPRIME39_zps032b8822.jpg  photo sgprime111_zpsc36f64fc.jpg  photo sgprime113_zps8db864e8.jpg  photo sgprime115_zpsc87f005c.jpg  photo sgprime116_zpsbee380b0.jpg  photo SGPRIME40_zps69520429.jpg  photo SGPRIME8_zps71c06753.jpg  photo SGPRIME10_zps928932dc.jpg  photo SGPRIME41_zpsd55486f2.jpg  photo SGPRIME14_zps6cb005b6.jpg  photo SGPRIME44_zpsc41bce8a.jpg  photo SGPRIME21_zps7869334a.jpg  photo SGPRIME24_zpsdcc70fb5.jpg  photo SGPRIME25_zpsaa6fceb7.jpg  photo SGPRIME52_zps5623e157.jpg  photo sgprime123_zps9cd1c558.jpg  photo SGPRIME26_zpsc2803eed.jpg  photo SGPRIME54_zpse4fb81cb.jpg  photo sgprime124_zpscff95350.jpg
 photo sgprime11_zps3c651c78.jpg  photo sgprime13_zps4b5d78e4.jpg  photo sgprime16_zps91a58406.jpg  photo SGPRIME2_zpsde49bd87.jpg  photo SGPRIME32_zps3fd4bd82.jpg