S. H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Blue God Goku Kaioken

 Started as a normal warrior awakening goku, I wanted to do a SSGSS Ver. and while was doing the shading on him I decided to paint his gi with the Kaioken Effect. Shading it red with a mix style of the official Kaioken Goku and that from the Anime. Also throwing in with this amazing piece is a set of a custom painted Aura effect painted to match Goku's abilities of going Super Saiyan Blue with Kaioken on top of that


 photo DSC_0056_zpsupzzcl0h.jpg  photo DSC_0054_zpsevgv4bcn.jpg  photo DSC_0053_zpsdl6nmo8s.jpg  photo DSC_0051_zpszsr82w9v.jpg  photo DSC_0048_zps6u6np0xo.jpg  photo DSC_0047_zpsyp22899s.jpg  photo DSC_0044_zpsntkp9hxg.jpg