S. H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Cell Games: Super Saiyan Gohan

Created from the new release of Super Saiyan Gohan based off his battle with Perfect Cell. I gave him a full shading to bring out many hidden details. I hand painted carefully his huge cut on his arm and hand. Using the anime as reference I painted it exactly how he look when he first received the wound by cell. Addition blood effects added around his chest and head. Following along more closer to the Anime's color I redid his hair color to more a white yellow color.



 photo DSC_0046_zpsoffei5pe.jpg  photo DSC_0038_zpsdfkipqos.jpg  photo DSC_0035_zpso80rz4h7.jpg  photo DSC_0034_zpszpwig6zo.jpg  photo DSC_0032_zpsiqqb18l8.jpg  photo DSC_0031_zpszzcvfyzb.jpg  photo DSC_0027_zpshdkem4b2.jpg  photo DSC_0024_zpslxkl3wj3.jpg