Masterpiece Shockwave with Throne

Long before the official Masterpiece Shockwave debuted, Shockwave here was created from using two G1 shockwaves, parts from a masterpiece seeker and a bit of scratch building. I combined the feet and legs to have a much ticker legs. LEDs were added to his hand blaster and eye. To top it all that, I built him a one of a kind throne as seen on a comic cover built from the original 3 seekers, Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp. Their wings mounted on the back with battle damage done to each one with a drop in the middle. The throne itself was made mostly using Unicron and Primus pieces to fit shockwave comfortably as he plays with the heads of Optimus Prime and Megatron. One of my favorite pieces still to this day, maybe I will revisit this project soon. 

 photo 297843_253184328036506_403484_n_zpsan0cx5p4.jpg  photo 297952_253184464703159_3293774_n_zpspfuawlpl.jpg  photo 299965_253184688036470_5874469_n_zps4mobdcz8.jpg  photo 293157_253184571369815_565326_n_zpsiojybvfu.jpg  photo 300347_253184584703147_8223949_n_zps5xarpgqn.jpg  photo 296994_253185638036375_6389747_n_zpscef6qgt2.jpg  photo 298044_253185764703029_7127095_n_zpsersxflwb.jpg  photo 291753_253186288036310_4002545_n_zpssal24u1c.jpg  photo 296162_253186244702981_7093254_n_zps3iwyju3u.jpg  photo 298570_253186061369666_418904_n_zpsyfgrll63.jpg  photo 293901_253186424702963_3802402_n_zpshkgidvdm.jpg  photo 301503_253183624703243_5418445_n_zpsri072m0b.jpg  photo 297446_253183518036587_7677409_n_zps5ovprj1l.jpg  photo 297592_253183661369906_6513610_n_zpshtrfd3vm.jpg  photo 228863_253187828036156_3954491_n_zpsnqfuhah8.jpg  photo 301123_253187341369538_2114364_n_zpseygebw2p.jpg  photo 300597_253187668036172_1600516_n_zpsj8cqvvp4.jpg