Revoltech Figure Complex Movie No 008 - Zootopia - Judy Hopps


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A detailed posable figure that allows for plenty of action!!

-Judy herself!
The lovely Judy, with her long ears and large eyes, has been turned into a palm-sized figure. Her silhouette and the details of her fur have been sculpted and painted in detail to recreate all the different textures!

-Of course, she is posable!
She has 14 articulated joints that will allow you to pose her how you prefer to recreate her energetic poses from the movie.
The chest, abdomen and the base of the thighs are equipped with balljoints that are smooth and easy to pose. Create all kinds of actions for Judy!
Her long ears are also articulated and can be posed in various directions, upright or resting down her back.

-Lots of accessories and parts!
5 types of expressions are included: smiling, surprised, sad, proud, scheming.
The eyes have a posable gimmick and can be set pointing in different directions. You can change where she looks depending on the pose.
A carrot pen and alternative hands to recreate the poses of the movie are also included.
By using the included stand & support arm you can display her in dynamic poses.