Zoids HMM Series - Liger Zero Marking Plus Version Model Kit


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The ultimate wild Zoid strikes!
Introducing the famous Liger Zero!

The silhouette and small details of the Liger Zero are finely molded, and its characteristic main feature "CAS" (Changing Armor System) is recreated completely.
The "Ion Turbo Boosters" mounted on its back are expandable as its original setting.
Its iconic white colored armors are already arranged by color separating runners. Its appearance will be very close to the original setting after being assembled.
Combining the separately sold Flying Base Neo and Liger Zero's high articulation range joints, it can perform dynamic poses that have the atmosphere of a wild beast.
A regular pilot figure which can be placed in the cockpit is included.
Furthermore, the set includes various new decals such as emblems and caution marks. You can decorate the Liger Zero in your own style