Transformers Masterpiece MP-08 Grimlock 99% complete

Tomy Takara

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Plastic/die-cast figure accompanied by accessories including Grimlocks Energo Sword, the intelligence-transfer device from the episode Grimlocks New Brain and beverage tray from the episode Madmans Paradise. Grimlocks right fist features an LED function. In keeping with the Generation 1 source material, based upon the nostalgic tripod-stance concept of the yrannosaurs; is robot mode offers a wider range of articulation than the Gen 1 version, and is reminiscent of appearance in original cartoon.

Energon sword
Intelligence-transfer device
Beverage tray w/glasses
Bonus metal crown in a coin-shaped holder
Bonus flame cover that fits over the Energon sword.
LED function in the right fist

Item been opened previously but is missing 2 beverage cups 

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