S. H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Super - Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black

Bandai Tamashii Nations

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Goku Black - Super Saiyan Rose -, as seen in "Dragon Ball Super," joins S.H.Figuarts! Colored pink to evoke his ki-energized appearance, it's also articulated naturally so as to capture his trademark Kamehameha pose! This item is an affordable price and is perfect for your first Tamashii Nations collection! 



Customer Reviews

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MVious C.
Finally got my hands on a Figuarts Goku Black

I like the figure! Articulation is great. Paint apps are cool. I just find the pink shading effect on the clothes to be weird. Just wish that the figure came with the effects parts (energy blade, Black Kamehameha ball) like the original release. It seems lacking without them. The best thing about the figure is the metallic pink paint for the hair sculpt.

Juan R.
Awesome figure

If you missed out on any other version of goku black this one wont disappoint. Looks amazing.

Rodolfo L.
Goku black

Great packing and quick shipping

Bradly c.

S. H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Super - Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black

Christian H.
Shfiguarts goku black

Great figure
-smooth articulation
X paint apps are a bit messy and has chips on very few parts of the figure
-for the price you pay you get a good assorted figure
-great figure for clone army to go with the scene in the show