Metal Gear Solid - Metal Gear Rex 1/100 Model Kit Re-issue


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KONAMI's popular stealth action game series "Metal Gear", which has sold over 30,000,000 copies all over the world, is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2012.
"Metal Gear REX", a nuclear bipedal tank appeared in the representative title "Metal Gear Solid", is turned into a plastic model kit for the first time.
It has been completely supervised by its designer Yoji Shinkawa to faithfully recreate the original machine.

The camouflage is based on the full scratch Metal Gear REX created by Shinkawa for the game development and makes use of a detailed painting layout diagram.
It comes with a base designed in the image of the hangar appearing in the game.
Since it's compatible with the "M.S.G Mechanical Chain Base Series" (separately sold), it can also be expanded.

A total of 4 figures are included: Solid Snake, 2 types of cyborg ninjas and Liquid Snake.
The cyborg ninja is available in a normal standing version and in the iconic version stamped on by the Metal Gear REX.

The package illustration is drawn by Yoji Shinkawa himself and feels like an official packaging of the series.

*The included figures are unpainted.