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HI-METAL R VF-1J Super Valkyrie Maximilian Jenius Custom The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Bandai Tamashii Nations

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[Set Contents]
-VF-1J Valkyrie model
-Chest detail parts
-Missile left & right main wings
-Small main wings
-Canopy cover
-Landing legs (under nose)
-Landing legs (left, right)
-Shutter opening airintake (left, right)
-Optional around hand left x3 types / right hand x2 types
-Optional squared hand left x2 types / right hand x2 types
-Booster pod left & right
-Missile armored block left & right
-Propellant tank left & right
-Missile pod x4
-Hannou bomb x2
-Hannou bomb 2 set x2
-Joint parts (for Battoroid, fighter, gawalk)
-Base set